Final version: 1.0.7
This is password protected as to not be falsely flagged by Google as a virus.
The password for this file is tombhunter.
Download it now!

Tomb Hunter ... What the heck is this thing?

TombHunter started as a spin off of Thomas Ward's Mysteries Of The Ancients and Alchemy Game Studios's Montezuma's Revenge titles. It has since turned into something much, much more. Fight your way through 30 levels of action packed fun, fighting enemies, solving puzzles, finding keys, destroying cars, and so much more! With every level you'll find something new! Promising hours of fun!
TombHunter is a platforming Side Scroller, with some 2D aspects. This means that you move left and right, up and down.
It features such things as snakes, spiders, and bears, as well as chasms, moving platforms, sliding ropes, vines, trees, and more!

Why the abandonment?

The main reason we have abandoned TombHunter was due to the fact that it was written in the BGT programming language. Games written in this language started being flagged as viruses by many if not all antivirus software, which is pretty off putting to regular users who just want to play the game and not jump through a lot of hoops just to get everything going. We offer a download for the full version of the game, for those who despite the antivirus flags, want to give the game a go to experience what it was like.
We hope you enjoy TombHunter! During it's development, we had many fun hours playing and testing the game!